When Heatex was to develop a new graphic identity, “tone of voice” and basic concept for Heatex re-branding, Nerv won the pitch for this assignment. It also included, by extension, the production of sales materials in the form of company presentations, product brochures, technical specifications, etc. All to strengthen Heatex’s presence in the market and their sales.


The business was founded in Sweden in the 1960s, when the first development of air-to-air heat transfer products saw the light of day. The company later became Heatex AB in 1987. In 2004 Heatex Inc. was started in North America and a year later it took the step and founded in China, Heatex Shanghai Co Ltd. The company has a long history of stable growth and has over the years established itself as a market and technology leader in air-to-air heat transfer.

Heatex works closely with its customers to constantly improve existing and develop new products. They strive to understand their customers’ challenges and always provide the best solution for each project. It also makes it possible to have short development and production times. Heatex’s core values ​​are competence, honesty and simplicity. Briefly; their mission is to provide high quality and efficient products that meet the expected requirements without making the solutions more complicated than they should be. Heatex wants to contribute to a general and global reduction in the use of primary energy and a reduction in CO2 emissions. There is a strong focus on minimizing the negative effects on the environment. Reducing energy costs is a way to reduce carbon emissions, either as an individual, company or a large organization. Heatex promises that their commitment to energy-efficient solutions makes a valuable contribution to sustainable development.