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Enabling, enhancing and exploring business relations and activities between Scandinavians and the Dutch

Analyse & Advice 
I analyse the relevant market segments for you in the Netherlands or Scandinavia and provide a take on your potential given the legal framework, trends and your original offer and/or intentions. I add customized relevance and background to the figures and advice you in further steps.

Deep-diving into the language
I translate texts and interpret the spoken to your needs, which can include adaptation and rewriting the original, as well as transcribing marketing and clarifying legal texts. I provide a profound understanding of the intended communication from others.

Clarify the culture
I describe cultural habits and can clarify differences so you understand your market and its people at the necessary level, which enables you to adjust and adapt in time.

Find & Contact
I identify key players and/or locations for a specific project and contact people in their local language which eases your actions and speeds up you reaching your goals.

I organize trips/meetings/events in any of the countries with the local people and thereby secure your intended goals. I simultaneously reduce your workload and prevent headaches.

I act as your spokesperson, local representative or consultant in any of the countries. I mediate, lobby and mingle on your behalf. I am ”you” for as long as you wish.