Nerv got the assignment to create a new graphic identity and “tone of voice” for both print and web when Bredbandsson did their re-branding. Continued work with producing campaigns for attracting new clients and costumers material for their existing clients.


In order for Bredbandsson to be able to deliver high-quality services, they are dependent on several different players, where you as a customer have the most central role. Bredbandsson is influenced by society at large, which decides on investments in fiber and mobile infrastructure. City networks are very important to Bredbandsson as they are often the supplier of fiber to you as an end customer in your apartment or villa. A healthy relationship with other operators is also important for the technology to work. The employees at Bredbandsson play a crucial role in ensuring that you as a customer receive the best service and the treatment you are entitled to.

In this interaction between actors, it is fundamental to take responsibility. Bredbandsson takes responsibility by paying taxes and VAT in Sweden. Bredbandsson stands up for the coolest terms against its employees and has a collective agreement. Bredbandsson works actively with our sustainability work and the goal is to present environmental and sustainability reports from 2016. Furthermore, Bredbandsson follows the ethical guidelines prescribed by the Institute Against Bribery.

Bredbandsson’s responsibility towards you as an end customer is based on long-term perspective. Bredbandsson works to ensure that you are a customer with us for as long as possible through high customer satisfaction, clarity and honesty.