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Cowfunding loves a really good steak and completely agrees that people should be able to buy meat in a more informed and transparent way.

Why do they consider this? Because they really think it matters. Every top chef in the world values ​​the origin of their products, they take pride in the fact that their meals are based on fine and respectable foundations. When you buy wine, you choose a grape you like, if it is to be a vintage wine and perhaps above all where the wine should come from. Imagine that the only options available were “red” or “white”. It would have been very sad, but unfortunately that is how meat is often sold to us today.

Cowfunding offers its customers a way to buy fantastic meat from fantastic farms, in an open and conscious way. Their customers know that the meat they place on their dining tables comes directly from a nearby farm where they work hard for good animal health, where all meat is taken care of and the only distance the meat travels is from the breeder to the consumer.