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This is NERV.


A traditionally Innovative Advertising & Communication Agency

Today’s advertising doesn’t differ much from the advertising of the 50s. It has always been important to understand the brand, product and client’s situation, needs and target groups, in order to creatively and strategically come up with the best solutions. Human lifestyles, behaviors and new technologies represent the biggest changes. So, as an agency, we have to be quick to pick up on the latest trends and not hesitate to use untraditional ways in our aim to provide the customer with maximum results. We direct us to all customers, regardless of size, and we put as much heart and soul into a small business as we do into a large.


Solutions and Ideas Based on IQ & EQ

What should good advertising and communication be like? Funny? Stylish? Sensational? We are of course able to answer yes to all of this, but it’s also about delivering well researched solutions based on great ideas, and with high quality, resulting in a smiling customer. It’s all about solving the clients’ challenges by solutions that deliver the promised outcome to them. We work with advertising and communication solutions based on IQ & EQ.


Wholehearted Clarity

Our communication, both internal and external, is characterized by a big heart, transparency, open-mindedness and respect. We are proud of what we deliver and understand that by being direct, open and honest, we win our customers’ trust and strengthen our relationship with them.



Nerv also have started to work together in tight collaboration with the WordPress Agency – Eborn Interactive, The Planning and Strategy Agency – Hartle Sometimes and the Sales Consultant Agency – Win-WIn Säljkonsult AB, as a part of the Communication Network WEAREKEEN. So, whether you’re looking to strengthen your presence on the web, are in need of a new brand strategy, need help with integrated market communications or simply looking for a new visual identity, we have it sorted out for you.




Here you find some of the services we provide. It differs from case to case and the most important thing is that we help our clients reach their goals in the most efficient way.

  • Strategy

  • Creative

  • Graphic Design

  • Print & Ad Production

  • Web

  • Media Buying & Planning

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Previous Clients.

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